Web Maintenance

A good, business-generating website needs to be dynamic. Website text and graphics needs to change frequently to reflect your growth, to make existing customer visit again and new customers up-to-dated. Visitors may not comeback if same website is shown again and again.

At Shriasys, we are for long term commitment giving our client continuous support and service. Website maintenance and support is at top priority when we take a website project.

Web Site Maintenance can be due to and not limited to following reasons

  • Product and pricing change and addition

  • Add breaking news or upcoming events

  • Add new or change photos, certificates, graphics, audio, video, graphs and charts

  • To keep the homepage fresh for visitors

  • To add or change new address, Email IDs, telephone numbers

  • To improve page rank in search engine results

  • To Backup critical and important data

  • To restore the data, make the site up and running

You may need website maintenance support once in a week or in a month or quarterly. We make changes to the website and promote the web pages in search engine promotion at affordable cost. You can relay on us for speedy web maintenance and support.

If you have already got a web site that requires a maintenace, provide your Website details, Website URL, your contact details and type of work to be done.

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