kiosk Presentations

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What's a "Kiosk" Presentation?

A "Kiosk" presentation is a presentation without a presenter.

The audience views a presentation at a computer screen (PowerPoint) or on a table (construction paper, markers, etc.The full message of the presentation is communicated solely through written word and images.

What message is communicated?

A "Kiosk" Presentation communicates the essence of a novel/short story by revealing the impression the novel/short story left on the presenter (you). People who encounter your presentation will walk away knowing what kind of reading experience they could expect if they read that novel/short story.

How is this message communicated?

The bulk of the message of your kiosk presentation should be carried by passages from the novel/short story and images. Each kiosk presentation must have the minimum number of passages and images. This minimum changes with each assignment so be sure to check your particular assignment guidelines.

The presentation should include:

  • Passages from the text the communicate the essence of the novel/short story (minimum:4)
  • Images which enhance and expand the meaning of the selected passages (minimum: 4)
  • The author's name and the title of the novel/short story
  • Parenthetical citations for all passages
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